The Washington County Free Library and its Branches will be closed on Monday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day. We will re-open at our regular time on Tuesday.

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Land Records
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Western Maryland Historical Library (WHILBR), Maryland State Archives

Land patents of Washington County, Maryland (1730-1830) are available on the Western Maryland's Historical Library (WHILBR) website.

Land records for Washington County 1776-present are available on the Maryland State Archives website. Click here to apply for a free password >>> MDLandRec.Net <<<

Early Washington County Land records are also available on the Maryland State Archives website.
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Land Certificates, Patented 1776-1961
Land Certificates, Unpatented 1739-1896
Land Plats and Maps 1849-1936

Please note that you will need to remember the alphabetical range to use from the following list:

Land Certificates, Patented

  • 1-99 A-Ag
  • 100-199 Al-Ch
  • 200-299 Ch-Fa
  • 300-399 Fa-Gr
  • 400-499 Gr-Ke
  • 500-599 Ki-Mo
  • 600-699 Mo-Pi
  • 700-799 Pi-Resurvey
  • 800-899 Resurvey-Sm
  • 900-999 Sm-Vi
  • 1000-1099 Vi-Z

Land Certificates, Unpatented

  • 1-99 A-Fa
  • 100-199 Fa-Lo
  • 200-299 Lo-Resurvey
  • 300-399 Resurvey-Wa
  • 400-499 Wa-Yo