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From the Teens of Washington County, MD
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Should I Come Out?: The Big Question

Sun, 11/12/2017 - 18:49

By Jiala Devine, Staff Reporter

As an openly queer person, the question I constantly hear is something along the lines of: Should I come out? When should I come out? How should I come out? How did you come out?

Here is the thing…. there is no answer. I had to learn this the hard way but coming out, whether it be to friends or family or even yourself, depends entirely on what makes you comfortable. Here’s why, you need to come out for you. It sounds obvious, but I’ve seen close friends come out when they weren’t ready because people they are close to pressured them or because someone set up an arbitrary coming out time restraint. Fun fact: there’s no time limit! Don’t be afraid to think selfishly when coming out.

Image via Flickr.

If your entire friend group came out and you didn’t, that’s okay. That doesn’t make you weak or not brave enough to “just do it,” you just aren’t  ready. If you overcame some great obstacles and came out but your friend group didn’t, that doesn’t give you the right to guilt them about it or out them. You aren’t braver or stronger, you just felt more comfortable with the sacrifices you had to make, or didn’t have to make, at a different time than them.

We keep forgetting this generally, but you don’t  have  to come out to everyone (or anyone, for that matter). If the idea of coming out to everyone in your life feels impossible or generally uncomfortable for you…. then don’t. You do what’s best for you. Outing shouldn’t be some required right of passage. It’s simply a choice you have the ability to make if it best suites your individual needs.

How should I come out? This question can, at times, be harder to answer than the original “should I come out” question. The answer, however you want. Not everyone needs to throw a party or do a grand gesture. You could slip it casually into conversation or send out a mass email or sit down with your loved ones and openly say it. No way is the right way and no way is the wrong.

Image via Flickr.

We live in a time where everything feels like it needs to be a big well planned production. Is there anything wrong with a big production? Not at all, but it’s not necessary. It doesn’t even have to be on purpose. I came out to my relatively conservative mother by accident. So just do you, because at the end of the day, however you express your identity should be for yourself, not anyone else.

Of course, all of this is way easier said than done. Way easier. We all struggle in every aspect of our lives to figure out what makes us comfortable. It’s probably going to take some time and you may constantly change your answer, but that’s okay. And if coming out was super easy from the get go: good for you, dude! If it wasn’t: good for you, dude! Our differences and changing thoughts are what make us human. Simply put, come out however, whenever, and to whoever is best for you.

If you have any questions, comments, or a cool story, feel free to tweet @Washingteensays or use our submit page!

(P.S. I run the twitter so I’ll happily respond to your queer questions!)

Guess what…

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 17:45

Thank you for reading our work!

TLC’s Escape the Room Challenge 2017

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 20:10

Wondering why we’ve been a little quiet lately? We’ve just been busy! The Teen Library Council planned an Escape the Room Challenge from start to finish. First, we brainstormed ideas for potential themes. Our chosen date was close to Halloween, so we decided on a creepy motif: Clue/1940s noir.

Our members researched examples of escape rooms in libraries and the types of puzzles commonly used in professional escape rooms. Puzzles were chosen and props were constructed. After a few meetings, we had the beginnings of the first floor of a mansion a la Clue!

Then, it was time for the fun part! The teens were completely in character as characters of their own design with fun names and eccentric backstories. We put our room together and filmed an introduction video to explain to participants why, exactly, they’d been trapped in a mansion:

Halloween, 1944. There was a dinner party, but the host was murdered before dessert could be served. There were several suspicious characters in attendance, but whodunnit? Someone called the police and, in the confusion, many guests took their leave rather quickly. But some attendees were locked inside the first floor of the mansion! There’s 15 minutes until the police arrive! Figure out who murdered the host, why they murdered the host, and how they dunnit before the cops show up those locked inside are framed for the crime. 

We had several groups attempt to escape the Teen Library Council Escape the Room Challenge. About half of them solved the puzzles and made it out just as the timer was about to run out. The other half of groups were trapped and framed! 

Now, a TLC member is working on a short story inspired by this mystery! Stay tuned if you want to find out whodunnit…


The Man in the House: Part I

Sun, 10/22/2017 - 14:04

I walk up to an old house, surrounded by old, decaying, wilting, weeping trees. The house itself looks as if it has an unsettling personality.
From where I stand I can see the cracked and chipped paint. The floorboards of the porch look to be rotting away. The old shutters are broken and some are even hanging there by a nail.

Image via Flickr.

Through some of the windows I can see the thin, dark, ripped curtains. Shadows of object’s, cracked, old, and broken.
It could have been my imagination but through the top window I think I could see the shadow of a man looking down at me. I saw the red glowing eyes, sharp teeth through a wicked smile and the unsettling and tall shadow. I dismiss the thought that this person is even real or that if he is that he is dangerous.


As I take my things inside the seemingly old and broken white house, I see old and dusty blood red couches and chairs, what was once an elegant and beautifully made bookshelf that is filled with old, dusty, thick books.
Inside the house I can hear the moaning and groaning of the house and creaky floors. I can hear the moaning and creaking turn into weeping. It’s like the house has a personality of its own.
When I look into a room I see the dusty and broken object’s. I can hear the continuous weeping from the house, almost as if it’s being haunted by its past visitors.
I can see a dusty bed and chair in the corners of the dark room that is only lite by the dim glow of the moon. I can see the chips in the paint and glass.
Inside the house it feels and looks as if with each passing guests the light and life of the house, even the surroundings outside, have been and are continuing to be drained and is never coming back.
I set my things on the old bed with dusty covers.


“I guess this is where I will be staying from now on,” I say to myself and I look around the room to see what’s there. I lay on the surprisingly comfortable bed and I hear soft footsteps coming down the hall.
The footsteps were coming toward the room that I was in, I got curious and slowly but soundly got off the bed and walked toward the door. I slowly peek my head around the corner of the door but no one was there in the hall. I dismissed the idea that I heard footsteps and go to turn around.


When I turn around there is a man standing behind me. He has a wicked smile on his
face, I see two sharp teeth that look to be fangs. I know it’s no use in trying to scream for help, this house is in the middle of nowhere with no one around for miles and miles.


The man, I now realize, is the one I thought I saw in the window looking down at me. His eyes had a blood red iris and on a small outer ring it was pitch black. Underneath of his eyes you could see faint dark red and black veins.



It reminded me of a creature I have read about when I was reading mythology stories.


Image via Flickr.

It’s said that this creature with blood red and black eyes, sharp and fang like teeth, it would thirst for blood, when it did the veins underneath of their eyes would start to show. It’s said these creatures were very dangerous, they still could walk the earth with us.


Any supernatural or mythological creature can still be walking among us. It was kind of amazing to think about. The thought that interested me immensely and I’ve always wanted to know if there was really mythical creatures living in the real world.

This creature in front of me right now was proof that they were real.


To be continued….


Being a Bookworm

Sun, 10/15/2017 - 16:42

By Isabella Hendershot, Staff Reporter

Being a bookworm is being the shy one, having social anxiety, keeping to yourself and staying inside whenever possible. Being a bookworm is not wanting to meet new people and being too attached to your friends and family. It’s when you feel like you’re the odd one out sometimes.
Being a bookworm is when you are socially awkward and can’t stand to speak in front of even a small class or group of people. When your hand starts to shake and your leg bounces up and down constantly and when your standing in front of that group of people you start to get fidgety.Being a bookworm is when you’d rather be inside and have it storm heavily than be out in the sun.
Being a bookworm is the difficulty of choosing between two or more books when you can only afford one. Being a bookworm is walking into books a million and not knowing where to start. It’s going to the library at least once a week after school and knowing you can’t checkout a book because you need to pay off your card. Being a bookworm is when you can’t decide which book to get and wondering if your happy with the choice you make before you leave. It’s when you don’t want to open the book because you don’t want to bend the beautiful cover and pages.

Image via Flickr.

Image v
Being a bookworm is when you know the envy of fan fiction and romance. Being a bookworm is when you have shed tears from a death of a character or the sweet words of one. When sometimes you need to stop reading for a moment to stop from crying then continue on. Being a bookworm is when you have that sense of envy and wish the story was your life.
Being a bookworm is when one day you stumble on one of the greatest things ever made and quickly developing a wattpad addiction. Being a bookworm is when you find some way that you can relate to a character. Being a bookworm is when you don’t know if you should write a story yourself.
Being a bookworm is when you get story ideas. Being a bookworm is when you can write an entire story in your head but not write or type a single word. The struggle of finding a title and cover. Being a bookworm is when you don’t know if you want the main character to be like you and based on your life or the person and life you want to be and have.
Being a bookworm is when you have nothing to read so you then develop a YouTube obsession and start with hearing “Hello everybody my name is Markiplier” or “*wha-pish* TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES! My name is Jacksepticeye”. Being a bookworm is when you have nothing to read and your data resets and you run out in 3 days time from binge watching your two favorite people in the entire world. When you can’t stop laughing at the stupid and funny jokes. When you feel the joy of getting a new notification that they have now uploaded one of two videos for the day or have made a new video of a continued series. Being a bookworm is when you start to ship “septiplier” and look at some amazing and weird fan art.

That’s being a bookworm.

My Place in the World: A Personal Poem

Wed, 09/27/2017 - 19:31

By: T, Contributor

When I was younger I was always alone
I never wanted to do anything
I just sat around all day
I had no place in this world

In 4th grade was the worst
That’s when I became depressed
Kids started making up names
They called me hurtful things
They made me feel I had no place in the world

5th grade got a little better but I was still alone
Kids started to grow up
Mature a little
They stopped picking on me and moved to the other kids
The different kids
Even though they stopped picking on me
Still I had no place in the world

6th grade came and it got better
This is where I met my best friend
Her name is Shian
We instantly clicked
Like it was destiny to meet
We always hung out
I slowly got happy
I wasn’t sitting alone anymore
I wasn’t lonely
I started to find my place in the world

The middle of 6th grade came
Me and Shian were growing closer everyday
I was getting happier everyday
But she had to leave
Her mom was making her move
Move away, away from me
The day she left I felt was the worst day ever
I started to find my place in the world again

Image via Flickr.


Month go by
I haven’t really spoke to Shian
Except a few minutes here and there
We never saw each other
I thought she was forgetting
I thought she didn’t care

One day we hung out
We finally me up and hung out
I loved that day
It showed I wasn’t forgotten
It showed I meant something to her
I was finding my place in the world

After the day we hung out I was happy
We hung out a lot more
Seeing each other almost every weekend
I found my place in the world

7th grade came by
One year after meeting Shian
I was happier than ever
I never thought it would last this long
She brings me up when I’m down
She never lets anyone hurt me and get away with it
When I’m pointing out my flaws, she points out my strengths
I had a place in the world

It’s my 8th grade year 3 almost 4 years after we met
We are becoming better friends everyday
And everyday I am growing happier
This is where my place is in the world

I was told to sit down and write a poem
A poem about something that changed me
This is it
She changed me
My best friend
My sister
My place in the world.

Image via Flickr.

A continuation…

9th grade came along
Still happy as ever
Till the others came along
Other friends, tearing us apart
We don’t talk much anymore
Almost never
My place in the world is disappearing
But I’m holding on
My place in the world is not gone yet
And I will never let go completely
And if I do…
I will always find it again


Gone: Extended Ending

Sun, 09/10/2017 - 14:35

By Emily Wise, Staff Reporter


Ethan stood in the subway station uneasily.

How would they react?

What would happen?

It might go downhill.

He sighed, looking to the floor, his breath fogging up the cold December air.

He was back in town, the town that his friends still lived in.

He had stopped running from his family, so he had to stop running from his friends.

He looked back to his phone.

11:11 pm.

They probably wouldn’t even be up.

Image via Flickr.

Ethan stood, and Anthony ran to him. They stood two feet away from each other.

Three clues held them apart.

Ethan swallowed, looking to the ground. Anthony walked closer to him.

Anthony stood right infront of him, and Ethan wouldn’t look up at him.

Anthony used all his force to punch Ethan’s arm. Ethan looked up. “Was that supposed to do something?” He asked. “I guess I deserved it, though.”

Anthony walked closer and hugged him. “You could’ve just told us you were leaving. You could’ve told us so that we didn’t go on a wild goose chase trying to find our missing best friend.” Anthony breathed in. “You smell like smoke.” He added.

“I didn’t tell you that I was going because I wasn’t allowed to. If I could’ve, I would’ve. I knew either way you two would try to come after me, to I set up the clues to keep you busy while I did what I had to do. But, you finished them faster than I thought.”

Keyone decided to join the conversation. “It was Anthony’s fault. He wanted to find you as soon as possible.”

Ethan looked away from his two comrades.

Guilt. An odd feeling.

“I had to help someone. I had to do what was right. I… I had to go somewhere.” Ethan said.


Kane looked at Ethan.

“I am going to run away. Don’t follow me.” Ethan said.

“You are one of my best friends… I… just, maybe… leave clues? Yeah, we have both been through our rounds of crap, but we need to stick together.” Kane said, practically begging.

“Okay.” Ethan replied, handing him a letter. “See ya again sometime? I’ll be there when you really need me.”


“It’s fine. It really is. You are okay.” Anthony said. Keyone nodded.

“There’s someone you should meet.” Ethan said, not looking towards his two friends.

Keyone looked confused. “Who?”


Kane stood in Ethan’s house, in the middle of a mourning family.

They said Ethan was gone.

They said Ethan told them not to follow him.

He really did it.

He’s really gone.


A boy with pink hair walked out from behind a nearby alley.

“Guys, this is Kane.”

Kane waved. Keyone and Anthony were beyond confused at this point.


College. He would probably have to enter one soon. Ugh.

He started wiping down the counter of the shop, the manager yelling over the phone in his office.

The door opened. The bell rang.

“Hello Kane.”

“Hello Alexia.”

“I got you a phone number, kind of to make up an old debt.”

She slid a paper across the table.

“Call it when you are ready. You know who it is.”


“Is this who you left us for?” Keyone asked.

“No, you are who I left him for. He was my first friend. Way before you guys.”

They blinked.

Looking to Kane, they both introduced themselves.

This was working better then Ethan thought it would.

Well, lets see where this goes.

Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 19:56

By Isabella Hendershot, Staff Reporter

Image via Flickr. 

Tonight I can write the saddest lines.
I can write of all my sad and insecure thoughts and feelings, but tonight is not for them all.
Tonight is only for a few, but not all.
The one I want and love does not wish to love me like I love him.
He loves another, I’m sure of that.
When we are together it breaks me down, to know he does not love me, to know that all we ever will be is nothing more than good friends.
Tonight I can write the saddest lines.
How my love does not love me back the way I wish him to.
I feel like the cold icy rain, weeping, crying.
How the rain feels beating down on your roof, that’s me.
But i stand there in the cold rain waiting for my knight in shining armor to come save me from my own sadness.
To take me out of the rain I used to love, and make me feel warmth once again, because this rain now has me cold.
Not warm or blissfully tired and peaceful. Not as it used to.
I’m waiting for him to come save me and make me feel loved.
But I know the one I love does not love me, but maybe he does.
But I can’t stop feeling that if he did or if he does, his love wouldn’t be real.
That he would just think loving me would just be the nice thing to do for me.
Tonight I write the saddest lines.
But I’m just waiting for my knight in shining armor to arrive.

Gone: Part IV (The Finale)

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 20:01

By Emily Wise, Staff Reporter


Chapter 16 – I Guess

Anthony sat shotgun in Keyone’s car, and was sleeping. Keyone was awake, wide awake, and getting on the turnpike to Pennsylvania. He was on the phone with Paul.

“Wait, what happened?” Keyone exclaimed.

“There was this burglar running into the Bam, trying to steal the money, and I was working after hours, right? So I threw some thawed-out french fries at the guy, he slipped, hit his head off the counter, and was K.O.ed. I called the police and now I am front page on the newspaper and I’m gonna be on TV!” Paul recited the story, happy with himself. He finally did something helpful.

“How the- you know what, I give up. This is just too weird. I have to go, I am almost there.” Keyone hung up and pulled over to the side of the road.

He elbowed Anthony in the ribs. “Wake up, we’re there.”

Anthony’s eyes slowly opened. “How long have I been sleeping?” Keyone looked at the clock. “Hours.”

Turning off the car, he got out. Anthony followed. They stood on the edge of the road, looking at the trees. The green leaves filtered light down to the forest floor. It was oddly peaceful.

Well, it was peaceful except for the ‘NO TRESPASSING’ sign.


Anthony looked at Keyone, who looked back at Anthony.

They were both unsure if they should go into those woods.

Image via Flickr.


Chapter 17 – It

A blonde-dyed-dark-pink leaned against a wall outside a Walmart, smoking.

A redhead walked out and stood beside him, holding grocery bags.

“You know smoking kills, Kane.” The redhead said.

“Why do you think I do it, Ethan?”

“You know you have to be alive to face your past.” Ethan said.

“Eh, screw my past. Why do you think I have pink hair? They said not to. Why do you think I smoke? They said not to. Now it is their fault I keep buying these things.” Kane replied, standing up to straight, walking towards the truck.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Stop smoking in my truck.”

“Now, Ethan, why would I possibly do that?” Kane said, looking at Ethan and batting his eyelashes.

“‘Cause I know where your cigarettes are. For all you know I could be poisoning them, killing you faster.” Ethan said, like it was a normal conversation.

“Well if you are poisoning them, thank you. I always wanted to die by poison.” Kane said, holding a hand to his chest like he was flattered.

“You just want to die in general.” Ethan rolled his eyes, putting on sunglasses and opening the truck’s driver door.

“Touché.” Kane replied.


Chapter 18 – All

Anthony climbed up the ladder.

“You know it is still trespassing if we are in the treehouse?”

“You know if we hadn’t trespassed, we might not get our friend back.”

“You got me there.” Keyone said, climbing up the ladder.

They stood inside, looking around the slowly weakening treehouse.

“Wow… it’s been a long time since we were here last.” Anthony said, eyes scanning the walls.

“Yeah,” Keyone replied, picking up a photo of the three, “a long time.”

Anthony looked to the corner farthest from the ladder. There was another ladder and an arrow pointing up to the flat roof.

Anthony stepped up the ladder.

Held on the roof by a rock, was a yellow envelope, the kind that usually says ‘do not bend’.

Anthony grabbed the envelope and brought it back down to the interior, opening it, looking at it’s contents.

A letter, a picture, a map.


Wow. I am seriously impressed. Good job sticking to one thing so long, Anthony. Keyone probably would’ve left without you anyway. Heh. So there is one clue left. One clue. You’re almost there. See ya there?

Also, I found a good song. You should listen to it sometime. House of Memories by Twenty-One Pilots. It makes me think.

Picture: it was of a bridge for a train, completely concrete. There were trees all around it, and the gravel was messed up, like someone has walked on it recently.

Map: well, it was a normal map. It was from a town near the treehouse, and a spot was circled.

Guess they had to go to the circled spot.

That was easy.


Chapter 19 – Ends

Ethan drove away from the town, feeling guilty.

What had he done.

Kane sat beside him, noticing.

He leaned over, putting his hand on Ethan’s shoulder, slightly opening the window and throwing his cigarette out.

“You’re doing the right thing. I remember something you told me once. ‘You can only run for so long before you forget why you are running’. You meant well, but I think you were wrong. You can only run for so long before you start running for the wrong reason. Yeah, you are running from your friends now, but you have to face what you were originally running from. Face your past, Ethan. I’ll be here, and then… sigh… then we can go back to your friends.”

Ethan kept driving.

“Remember the plan? We drive up to the house, I get out and walk to the door, and you take my truck and drive away.”

Kane took his hand back, and sat back in his seat. “Yeah.”

Kane’s mind wandered to the call from… what were their names?

Keyona and Amelia?

The call from Keyone and Anthony.

His mind wandered to what Ethan left behind for them.

Ethan was doing the right thing, right? Leaving them to find that?

Why did he care?

“Thanks for doing this favor for me.”

“You’re welcome.”


Chapter 20 – Here

It was 2:00 in the afternoon, and this story is almost over.

They drove along the road, following the map.

They got out of the car.

Anthony was nervous. This was the last clue. What would it say?

Keyone was kinda angry. So now the clues are near each other. Ethan must have been in a rush this time.

They walked into the tunnel under the bridge.

Everything seemed in slow motion.

Anthony’s hazel eyes scanned the concrete walls.

Keyone saw it.

The folded paper trampled into the gravel.

Anthony followed Keyone’s eyes, and ran to the paper.

He picked it up out of the stones, and opened it.

It was 2:09 in the afternoon, and Ethan stopped running.

Ethan stood in front of the doors he hadn’t seen in so long, his friend driving away.

He rang the doorbell.

It was 2:10 in the afternoon, and a paper was unfolded.

Anthony unfolded the paper, sitting on his heels in the gravel of a cement tunnel, trying to find his friend.

Anthony read the paper.

“Ethan?” He asked the world.

Anger, sadness, confusion.

Keyone walked behind him, and read the paper.

Image via Flickr.

It was 2:12 in the afternoon, and a story ended.

I’m sorry guys, you did this all for nothing. I decided I ran for too long. I need to face what I was running from. Guess this is goodbye. You guys were my greatest friends, and you really didn’t know that much about me.

Keyone, apologize to Alexia, she is still not over you.

Anthony, stop stealing my leftovers. You already have too many.


Until we meet again?



Good job getting this far. I never did.





Wed, 08/16/2017 - 18:20

By Sara Malott, Staff Reporter

Image via Flickr.

The thing about walking on eggshells

is that you will always end up disappointing yourself.

No matter how lightly you step,

the eggs will always crack

leaving you with slimey toes,

a broken heart

and an upset stomach.


Life is a series of yes and no

yes and no

yes and no




and if you’re living in the middle,

living between yes and no,

living on eggshells,

you will find yourself missing

the ground.

Gone: Part III

Thu, 08/10/2017 - 14:06

By Emily Wise, Staff Reporter


Chapter 11 – School Days

Ethan sat in class, his third-grade mind wandering the halls. He hated math with a passion, and they were learning the multiplication tables. His eyelids drooped. He shouldn’t have played Minecraft for so long. But Mojang did tell the truth, it was more addicting than lemonade.

The boy beside him watched as he drifted off. Anthony poked his arm, waking him up again. Ethan glanced over at him. The brown-haired male smiled. The ginger smiled back.

Ethan fell asleep.

He was woken up by Anthony and his friend, Keyone.

They had been friends ever since.


Chapter 12 – Ocean

He stood, looking at the horizon far away over the ocean. His truck parked beside him, he looked at the box in his hands. The wind picked up, blowing his hair. The threw the box away into the ocean, watching the waves carry and destroy the remnants. Closing his eyes, he walked away.

Image via Flickr.

Anthony walked down the hall between classes, completely in his head. Had he gotten all his work done? Was he ready for his teachers to talk for 300 million hours? Had he used black ink to print his essay? Had he printed his essay?

Suddenly, he stopped. He felt eyes on his back. Turning, his hazel eyes scanned the halls. Everyone walked past him, everyone looked normal. He glared into the crowds. Then he saw them.

Grey shirt, blue jeans, black shoes. Blackened sunglasses pointed directly to him. She held nothing, and had her hands in her pockets. She walked away. Anthony’s phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket, and a notification told him he was late for class.


Chapter 13 – When

When you find me.

These words engraved into the back of his mind, Keyone looked at the paper given to him, a piece torn off of another paper.

What was it about these words that were familiar?

Anthony walked up behind him. “Some creep was starin’ at me in the hallway,” he said. Keyone turned around. “What did they look like?” “They were wearin-” “No! Was was her hair color?” “Uh… blonde? I don’t know. Wait, how did you-”

Keyone ran out the door.


Chapter 14 – Alexia T.

The blonde walked across the street, pulling a grey sweatshirt over her head. She breathed out, sigh escaping her list. Why couldn’t she talk to him? Ask him for Keyone’s number? Did she really lose her confidence in trying to get him back?


She turned. There he was.

“Why are you creeping out my friends? Haven’t we gone over this? I said I wanted you to-”

“-leave you alone. I know. I just… I just wanted to… at least be friends. I know my way isn’t the best, but… I was just trying to get a way to contact you.” Alexia looked Keyone in the eye. “I’m sorry, I should’ve just left, I… yeah. Nevermind.”

She turned and walked away.

“Oh yeah, I forgot. This got sent to me, but it said to it had to be given to you.” She turned and handed him an envelope. Keyone just looked at the envelope, and Alexia got on a bike and rode away.

Keyone said nothing.


Chapter 15 – Done

Keyone waited in the park, waited for Alexia.

Yeah, this was a jerk move, but at least he wasn’t doing this over the phone.

“Hey! Why are we here today?” Alexia asked. Keyone sighed. This had to happen sometime. “Alexia, I think we should end our relationship.”

“Why?” Alexia asked, tilting her head.

“It’s just… I have other things to focus on… we get in so many fights… I am leaving for college in a few weeks, and I have to get good grades.”

“We don’t get in fights! You can focus! I-” Alexia was interrupted.

“No, Lexi, just… just leave me alone,” Keyone said, walking from the scene.

Alexia just stood and blinked, watching him walk away.

“Just leave me alone.”